3 Signs Your Website is Outdated

Let’s get down to business.

There are three big reasons your website is outdated, and underperforming. Here they are!

1. Your Site is Unresponsive

2. Your Website is Difficult to Navigate

3. You Need to Call (and pay) Your Developer for Everything

Let’s dive into each:

1. Your Site is Unresponsive – meaning impossible to read or navigate

Do your users have to pinch and zoom to read your wonderful, thought out and effective content? Well then it’s no longer effective, because they’re not reading it. Not having a responsive site is the first sign to your users that they’re about to have a terrible time dealing with your company. Whether it is to purchase your incredible product, or learn more about the unbelievable service you offer, they’re immediately deterred by having to work for it unless someone is pointing a gun to their head. Why? Because they’re busy, lazy and impatient! And who can blame them? Why would you want to make it even remotely difficult for them to

So why should you care? Because your visitors are on their phone!

Mobile responsive design is critical

More of your visitors are accessing your site via their phones than their desktop!

So on one hand, you can make your visitors suffer from the start. On the other, you can make them love and adore you for being modern, up to date and looking out for the extremely precious minutes of their day. Get them hooked on your product or service as fast as possible, or they’ll never come back!

How can you tell if your website is…what was the word again? Responsive?

1. Are you reading this from a phone right now? Are your eyeballs smiling, crying from delight, or doing this?

calrton dancing like a god


2. Are you on a desktop? Grab the bottom right corner and watch how everything stacks into place. BOOM. RESPONSIVE.

2. Your Website is Difficult to Navigate

Leading directly into our next point, is the layout of your index page and your navigation. First, your user needs to be able to get to what they need (no matter what that is) in 3 clicks or less. Can they do that on your site right now?

Second, your website should make their eyes feel comfortable with the layout of your site. The opposite means that when they see your site, they have no idea where to look, and what to read. Ideally, they should be looking at your value proposition, illustrations of your awesome product, and for the “Sign me up!” button.

If they’re not, find out why! It could be because your site is out of date, and out of style.

3. You Need to Call (and pay) Your Developer for Everything

This one is my personal favorite. As the guy who builds the websites for our clients, and the owner of PixelRocket, my #1 goal is to grow your stinkin’ business! Are you getting more leads? Good. Are you seeing an increase in sales? Great! However, my second goal for all of our projects is to save you money. This means that for handling simple things like changing content, updating pictures, adding in a new page, posting to your blog, etc. YOU DON’T NEED ME/US. 

“But Blake,” you say “Isn’t that your job? Why are you shoveling more work onto these poor, non-web-savvy business owners?”

Because they want it! It’s called control, and we all love it. It also has a LOT to do with the point I made above about respecting your customer’s time.

Everyone in web design these days seems to want to nickel and dime their customers when they want something basic. “Oh you need me to spend four minutes of my time adding a link to your friend’s page? That’ll round up to 3 hours and cost $100/hr.” NOPE. You deserve to be educated on how your to run your business online, and off. We/I make sure you can do that, because you have a business to grow!

And there you have it. The big three answers to “Why do my customers refuse to buy from me online?” and “Why haven’t I gotten a lead since 2008?”

Remember. You want your visitors to feel like this when they get to your site:

carlton happiness

Not this:

carlton unhappy