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 The Mobile Design Process

1. Team

Our mobile apps are traditionally built by a team of two: 1 designer and 1 developer. They work closely for most of the engagement to ensure technical feasibility and simplicity from start to finish. This means that you’re not seeing things done by a designer, that a developer will then say is out of scope, or not feasible for mobile. This happens in apps more than you would think! A close-knit team avoids these problems and more.


2. User research

Your users bring a unique context with them. It’s our job to understand that context and apply it to the design and development of your application. These user-driven insights also provide valuable info to determine features for the first release of your application.

3. Intuitive design

There are plenty of ways to frustrate users when designing an app, and all of them stem from a lack of understanding user intuition. Subtle, and not so subtle features for Android and iOS help determine many of the ways your users expect to interact with your application. We pay close attention to these subtleties and critical elements to ensure success with your users. 



Usability is largely determined by research.

Assumptions about what your users need are a surefire way to sink the project, so we stay pretty far away from assumptions. Simplicity is also key in building out usable products. This is what makes the prototyping process so important. Long before we turn out a finished product, there are countless iterations and prototypes that have been user-tested, and vetted for the real world.

What emerges is ready to solve your user’s unique needs in an effective, addictive way. We make sure your users build new, and better habits around the product.


What makes an app beautiful?

In the earlier days of mobile apps, anything was passable to users since we were all so enamored with the technology. These days, however, users are more demanding about aesthetic than ever, and they should be!

We’ve been through the era of “Skeumorphic” Design, where the application’s assets were made to look like real life objects. We’ve also been through the “Flat Design” era, which is still common among applications and very pleasing to the eye. Several elements are critical to the aesthetic of an application:

  • Color: The mixing and matching of colors in design is no simple task. Every effective mobile app has a carefully chosen color palette that drives the style and critical first impressions almost entirely. Poor colors can destroy an app before a user even logs in. 
  • Type: The type, or font, used in your application is crucial to the design and aesthetic your user experiences. Great brands know this, and their applications don’t mess around when it comes to upholding that brand value. A poor typeface can completely cheapen the user experience and destroy your brand’s reputation. 
  • Intention: Does everything in the app work seamlessly together? Or do things look pieced together or out of place? Great intention means your user is locked-in an fully focused on the experience and function of the app. Apps without this don’t stay on a user’s phone for long! Great apps, however, keep users around for life, and this is by design!


What makes an app focused?

Design certainly plays a large role in the focus of an app. The rest comes down to the relentless pursuit of simplicity on behalf of your user. This is why user research is so important. As stated above, the context your user brings to your solution is unique! This means your app has the opportunity to make their life a little bit easier, and that is a big deal! Understanding that context allows us to ensure your user can navigate and operate your app in a simple and intuitive way. 

Simplicity also means the first release of your application shouldn’t contain more than 2-3 key features. All great apps have this in common as well! An app with too many features in the first release is hard to market, and harder for your user to understand. Your users should be able to completely understand the value of your application within a minute of having downloaded your app. Great focus, ensures this is exactly what happens. 

Designing great applications is our passion.

We focus on Android and iOS applications for our client and internal projects. These two platforms are still in full control of the mobile experience, and our developers are well-versed in the nuances of each. Our developers have constructed apps for startups and enterprise clients, and pulled off a few impressive maneuvers along the way.

We work with a unique group of developers here in Texas. Our developers work closely with our design teams as well to ensure no technical and visual details fall through the cracks. An effective team of two (1 designer and 1 developer) is critical to the success of our engagements. Our teams work in tandem from day one to ensure feasibility for your app’s features. This allows us to build out your application more efficiently than a lot of other teams. 

Let’s Build Something Awesome