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We are PixelRocket, an Atlanta App Development, Design and Creative Studio.

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When you’re working with PixelRocket, you’re working with a partner, not just another digital agency. We’re transparent and upfront in our process, from beginning to end. We only build solutions that bring value to your business.

Since the beginning, PixelRocket has been a completely bootstrapped digital agency, meaning that we work on awesome projects that we want to work on with people we want to work with. We believe in relationships rather than transactions.

Our entire team comes from an entrepreneurial background, meaning that we understand the operational aspects of running a business. We share our experiences and insights from our past ventures to ensure your success.

We’re always on the forefront of discovering new technology and how it can be applied to businesses. We make sure that you will always stay ahead of the curve to transform you into industry leaders.

PixelRocket | An Atlanta Digital Agency



Need top-shelf app development?


We do it all from scratch, starting with designing a slick user experience.

Fortune 500 & Enterprise

You need a partner that understands your industry and your specialized needs down to the technical detail. We pull expertise from our network of CEOs and Founders to help solve high-level challenges, and work with your team on technical issues to implement the most effective solution for your company.

Small & Medium Businesses

You need a partner that understands the growing pains and scaling challenges of SMBs, while operating on a fast and efficient timeline. We understand these challenges and work with you to make sure that your operations are not hindered and support you in your growth.

Tech Startups

With a team of tech startup founders, we understand your specific challenges. You’re working under intense deadlines with limited budgets while trying to remain laser focused on your goal. Our approach to iterative development and solutions focused on growth will allow you to rest assured that your partners are adding value to your startup.


Your mission matters. You need a digital agency that understands your vision and mission on making the world a better place. We work closely with Non-Profits to help them focus on two key areas: solving your technical challenges and raising awareness for your cause. We believe that your work touches thousands of lives every day, so we work to help you focus on continuing to improve lives.

We Help You Keep Up With Technology

January 8, 2019 in Cool Gadgets, Internet of Things, Tech

Most Anticipated Technology of 2019

As 2019’s technologies begin to roll out, anticipation from consumers reaches a whole new level. Even the largest conglomerates of the tech world may struggle to meet expectations. Samsung, however,…
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January 2, 2019 in UI/UX, Web Design

How To Optimize Images For SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

SEO image optimization can either boost your site traffic or break your server and slow site speed if ignored. Here's the basic guide to get you started.
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December 21, 2018 in Tech, Technology News

China’s Internet Freedom Ranking

A recent study by prominent pro-democracy group Freedom House ranks China last among studied nations for openness and freedom of internet usage. The report titled “Frееdоm оn thе Nеt 2018”…
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December 11, 2018 in Ethics, Science, Tech

The Infamous CRISPR Baby Scientist

The Infamous CRISPR Baby Scientist He Jiankui (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Designer suits, designer shoes…DESIGNER. BABIES. According to The Guardian, “Recent advances in genetic technology have given scientists the tools to rewrite…
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November 27, 2018 in Business, Cool Gadgets, Internet of Things

The Rise of Electric Scooters

The Rise of Electric Scooters Electric scooter start-ups are quickly convincing more and more urban commuters to go along for the ride.  These scooters, powered by a rechargeable battery, are…
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On-Page SEO Basics for WordPress Ebook Preview

This e-book is now available here for free! Search engine optimization isn’t hard--it’s just fickle, ever-changing, complex, deep, and demanding. Let’s begin with the mindset of search optimization. Your goal:…
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