Stop using 2D to show off your 3D products

The days of 2D product demos are numbered thanks to virtual reality. When it comes to trade shows, sales demos, and other sales opportunities, perhaps you should be thinking virtual!

When your prospects see your products and services in a live, virtual environment, they will be blown away.

  • Show dynamic, digital examples of your equipment in operation
  • Use video and photography for live feeds and demos of your products
Oil and Gas Exploration with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Applications for Subsea Exploration


Massive innovations are coming to the energy sector in specific.

  • Tired of training with books, videos and models? VR will take care of that
  • Still using the same, boring demos at the year’s biggest conferences like OTC? With VR, you can rest assured your booth will be packed
  • Struggling with visualizing your supply chain using spreadsheets and outdated software? Re-visualize the entire environment and move from station to station in the virtual world.

These are just a few ways that VR can transform the way the energy sector operates. Worried you’re not ready for OTC 2016? Click below!


Virtual Reality in Other Industries

It doesn’t stop at O&G. Check out the other examples of virtual reality below.


In the past, concepts like remote operations were uncanny, and improbable at best. With virtual reality, 360 cameras and improved robotics there’s no need to fly across the world to treat someone there. The implications for global health are huge, thanks to virtual reality.


The opportunities for VR in the aerospace are not unlike those in the energy sector. Displaying the world’s most incredible aerospace technology should be immersive, and jaw-dropping. Training and design also stand to benefit immensely from virtual platforms.


This is an obvious one. People want to see events like the Super Bowl, The Olympics, and local events like balloon festivals and rock concerts. Why not do so from your home? You can now, thanks to VR, no matter where you are.


With more and more people spending time in the virtual world, advertising is on the brink of being born into an entirely new platform. The old principles will apply in a new way, with all kinds of new, real-time data to serve advertising to users of all kinds.


Visualizing the supply chain can be difficult, the tools can be cumbersome, and the solutions are certainly expensive. Operating on live data is near-impossible to visualize as well. With virtual reality, this becomes 10x easier where variables can be tested against and observed in a fraction of the time to improve the supply chain drastically.


Gaming is another obvious one for virtual reality that has already taken on a massive audience worldwide. Whether it’s for RPGs, first-person gaming, puzzle games and more, the virtual world is quickly becoming one of the most interesting spaces for immersive, digital adventures.


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