What’s in a Kasita? Take the 360 tour and find out!

We’re at SXSW 2016 in Austin this year working on all kinds of fun, 360 video projects with some incredible founders. One such founder is Jeff Wilson of Kasita, a microhome startup based in East Austin! Jeff Wilson has seen it all, from the height of the dot com boom, to earning a Ph. D, until finally landing on the exciting and bizarre concept for Kasita. From their site:

 “The KASITA is about 225 square feet with 9-foot ceilings.
Because of the thoughtful industrial design, the space feels twice as big.
It’s surprisingly roomy with feng shui on point!”

“KASITA is designed for a variety of individuals at different places in their life.
From college kids in need of student housing, to urban millennials, to those enjoying retirement
—KASITA is the perfect home.”


If you’re in town for SXSW make sure you swing by the Kasita House!

You can also come say hey to the PixelRocket 360 Video Team, just email us at hello@pixelrocketapps.com!