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All systems go, liftoff, and other “Space City cliches” for the first post of PixelRocketApps.com

This is officially the first post of the PixelRocket blog. We’ll be posting updates on all kinds of topics here ranging from the Internet of Things to our latest happenings. When we get the chance we’ll get a guest to swing by and drop some wisdom on the blog, but in the meantime we’re confident we can provide plenty of good reading.

I will start off in explaining the point of all of this. PixelRocket was started with the goal of using software & hardware to make a small, but measurable difference in the world. This does not happen overnight, obviously. Building a brand that the movers & shakers can trust is no simple task either. The company was founded with the long haul in mind, however, and we’re looking forward to reaching that goal.

So far this year we’ve made a substantial step in that direction, however! SMBC was one of our earliest clients that came to us with an interesting project. They needed a web application to move their current, enormous stack of note cards into 2014. The cool part of the project, however, was that these cards were used to help keep track of donations to the local homeless folks, and to keep other churches informed of individuals trying to take advantage of a giving system. PixelRocket stepped in and connected the churches through the MainCares web application. In the process we’ve been gather data that helps the city better understand how this small part of Houston is serving the homeless, and how they can get the bigger picture on their background and needs. Kinda cool, huh? A simple web application that is starting to have an impact on nearly 700 homeless individuals. Read more if you like!

Long story short, these are the projects we aim to take on every chance we get. Our process in taking on new work is the same, regardless of who it is, but we have a real soft spot for social problems. Our goal in the next year is to become a leading software brand in tackling these kinds of problems on a state-wide scale.

So hello, Texas!

PixelRocket is one of the top mobile app developers in Houston Texas, as well as one of the leading web application and branding firms in the city. We work primarily with nonprofits, startups and enterprise companies as one of the leading app development companies, whether for web or for mobile. Our primary concerns as a software and design company are to exceed the standards of average iPhone application development companies by bringing value to the customer and their goals.

PixelRocket also strives to provide the best in UI/UX design when it comes to the end user experience for web and mobile applications. Our designers are the best in the state and we aim to provide an extraordinary experience with every digital interaction we craft.

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