Must-Have Free Photo Editing Apps for your E-commerce Store’s Product Photos

Creating an online e-commerce store has never been easier. Tracking sales, reaching a large audience, updating new styles and products with the click of a button—you can do all of these things from your kitchen table. But there’s one thing you can’t forget: quality store photos. In 2019, images are especially impactful to every buyer, whether it be for the everyday browser or the invested customer looking for the perfect fit for them.

When you start to Google “store product photos,” “store product photo photographers” is one of the first results. But you don’t need to pay a photographer thousands for a photo shoot or even camera equipment when you’re already an experienced photographer on your Instagram. Just make sure you have the best apps to create the most persuasive photos to show off your products. What this means? Simple photo editing apps.

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The 2-Types of E-commerce Product Photography

Before you start snapping pictures, you’ll want to consider when choosing your product photos:

White Background Photos

If you want to show off your product from different angles, you may consider clean, product-only images on a white background. With this method, your customers can see what makes your product unique.

white background product photos

Haus, a home goods and furniture etailer, uses white background photos to present individual peices.

Lifestyle Photos

If you want to inspire your audience by showing off a specific function, you should consider photos take in-context. This means taking an image of your company’s camping gear among the great outdoors.

lifestyle product photos

In order to present the functionality of their brand, Studio Proper uses in-context photos to show how their products are meant to be used.

*Note: You may choose to do a mixture of these photos for a certain product. For instance, if you sell athletic wear, you’ll want to show off the design and colors on a white background. However, you may also want to inspire yoga enthusiasts with a shot of someone modeling your yoga pants with a serene outdoors backdrop.

The Best Photo Editing Apps

1) Adobe Photoshop Express

product photo editing apps

It comes to no surprise that the most downloaded photo editing app in the App Store is an Adobe product. This company has done well in adapting their artistic tools to smartphones for even the most amateur photographer. It’s easy to understand, use, and navigate. Because this app specializes in zoom, color edits like Pop Color, and blemish removal, we especially like this app for white background photos.

A huge plus is its exporting capabilities. With one touch, you can export your photos to your store’s social media account. The JPEG Quality output also allows you to customize the quality and size of your final images to best fit your website or mobile app.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.8 with 412K ratings
Developer: Adobe

2) PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

product photo editing apps
If you want to get creative with stickers, text, and brushes, this app will blow your mind. This app would be wasted on white-background photos. Instead, create unique lifestyle product photos.

Take a picture of a model frolicking through the park in your company’s apparel and bring it to life with stickers of daffodils and starbursts. Animate photoshoots of your furniture and home good’s store with special effects. Not only can you create these product photos, but you can quickly create unique images for your new website or next social media campaign.

Price: Free*
Rating: 4.7 with 85K ratings
Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
*In-App Purchases. Upgrade to premium for $8 a month or $47.88 for an annual subscription


product photo editing apps

VSCO gets major points for UX/UI design for mobile editing. Ideal for those with little editing experience, this app can be used for white background photos and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle photos. The app also comes with tips and techniques for taking different kinds of photos.

Price: Free*
Rating: 4.5 with 18.7K Rating; Editor’s Choice
Developer: Visual Supply Company
*In-App Purchases. VSCO membership is $19.99 USD per year.

4) Adobe Lightroom CC

product photo editing apps

This app gives you access to a “professional camera mode” on top of several advanced adjustments. Though this app gives you the ability to edit on a professional level with just your cellphone, it’s pretty high-tech for beginners. With premium features, you can delete any stray objects from your lifestyle images or adjust the perspectives on your white background photos.

This ap can also come in the Adobe Social Photo and Video Editors Bundle with three other graphic design and video editing apps.

Price: Free*
Ratings: 4.5 with 5.111K ratings
Developer: Adobe
*In-App Purchases

5) Facetune 2 – Fun Selfie Editor

product photo editing apps

Best for lifestyle portrait photos for make-up, clothing, and accessories. Edit your product’s lighting, model’s faces, and background for the most visually appealing product photos. Additional tools include filters and studio lighting. True to its name, the “selfie” sized images are already the perfect size for your organization’s Instagram.

Price: Free
Ratings: 4.7 with 41.5K ratings
Developer: Lightricks Ltd.

The Best Photo Editing App for your E-commerce Store’s Product Photos

The “best” photo editing app for your e-commerce store’s product photos comes down to what kind of photos you want to take. Depending on your brand, your preference will range from simple lighting changes to glamorous special effects. Different parts of your website may also require different types of editing. For instance, product photos may need to be simple white background photos, but you may want your banners to pop with breathtaking lifestyle photos.

If you still can’t decide, start taking pictures and see what the best app is for you and your brand. And don’t forget to optimize the hell out of those photos!! Need help building an engaging website before you can start displaying your incredible photography skills? Check out what goes into launching our interactive websites that are out of this world creative!