Google I/O & WWDC News for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is about to change substantially thanks to I/O & WWDC.


Android, WWDC, I/O and more for mobile app development

Mobile app development is about to change thanks to the latest announcements from I/O and WWDC.

Mobile App Development Leaps Forward

The superpowers in tech had their fair share of powerful releases this year for mobile app development. Google presented its latest and greatest advances about three weeks after Apple’s WWDC. While WWDC’s iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite were exciting for app developers, the announcements for Google were comparable. The unveiling of the Android One platform for manufacturers and its new OS, “L”, are enough to get the biggest Apple disciple intrigued. Google’s I/O conference was a sweeping success, not only for the average technology enthusiast, but also in terms of marketing and development possibilities. All of this, of course, in the midst of some semi-disruptive protests.

Worried you missed a lot more at this year’s WWDC? Well you did, so check out our miniseries on more announcements from the big event!

Fit, L, Android TV, cars and more for Mobile App Development

Some of these releases directly challenge similar applications that Apple has released. Google’s ‘Fit’ will be a counterpoint to the Health applications with iOS 8. For mobile app developers this is certainly going to usher in a new era of bolstered health & medical apps for the end user. Other releases challenging Apple include: Android TV (w/ enhanced voice search features), remote security functions (allow you to wipe your device of all data if necessary, a “kill switch”), and Google’s new interface appearance, “Material Design”, which will unify Chrome’s browser and Android devices’ visual style. This new design language will be uniform for everything Google/Android L from now on. That includes ‘Android Auto’ and ‘Android Wear’, two innovations which we find to be the most significant releases for developers and business practices alike.

Google Fit is promising for established companies and development teams, automotive and wearable innovations will be more accessible playing fields for established contributors as well those who are un-established. With several automotive companies already on-board with Android Auto, an almost entirely new market is created for mobile app developers to contribute original innovations that have a potential to be in the “cars of the future”. The same principal applies to Android Wear. This is all tied together by giving developers the power to create these applications with the same old tools, and some new ones within the L operating system. Mobile app development indeed took quite a leap forward thanks to this years events. Of course, throw in the self-driving car Google is pioneering and who knows where we’re headed.


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