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Free SEO Audit Tools: SEO Analysis and Benchmarking Like a Pro

Wanting to benchmark your site, and not sure where to get a free SEO audit done? Worried you have to perform SEO analysis from scratch, and concerned you might not account for everything? Fear not! Free SEO audit tools are everywhere these days, so we’ve compiled the best of the best.

Where to start with SEO Audit Tools?

A Google search will get you a lot of the way there when you’re looking to perform an SEO audit of your site. Sadly a lot of the results are misleading, or just poorly-built free SEO audit tools that require your email for the report. Stay away from these, especially if you get a sense when visiting these sites that you’re required to provide more information than makes sense.

A good SEO analysis tool only needs your site URL

The tools we’ll mention below are to the point, and truly only HubSpot‘s requires email, but you can give it any email you want if you don’t want to receive marketing info from them. I’d argue that you do though because their content is amazing!

HubSpot Logo


Hubspot’s reporting is very thorough, and also visually pleasing. Check their grader out at the link above, and make sure you take their recommendations seriously! They are the foremost experts on these optimization and SEO analysis topics. As you’ll see below in the image as well, they show the necessary reporting on page speed as well, which is huge for SEO!

free seo audit tool for seo analysis by hubspot

free seo audit tool for seo analysis by hubspot

SEOptimer.com free SEO audit tool


This site goes into some serious depth, especially on fun topics like social and tools you should be using. Check out the graphic below for how visually engaging their reporting is as well!

free seo audit tool seoptimer.com

free seo audit tool seoptimer.com


These are our personal favorites. Have a free tool you like to use? Let us know!

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